When it comes to how to seduce females, I believe that there are 2 ways to go about it. The first is to become a master manipulator. The other is to be real.

When I first started learning game, I was in adjustment mode. I had routines, contingencies plus everything else you could possibly imagine. There wasn’ t anything a girl could tell me that I couldn’ t throw off and use. I could go for hours straight because I had so much material.

The only trouble was that this approach wasn’ big t making me happy. I dropped my enthusiasm for it and that made my positivity drop. The result is that it all just stopped working. In case you don’ t care about what you’ re saying, how can you expect a lady to?

So , I started looking more deeply at the things that drive attraction. I actually started studying other methods to see how they worked. I paid specifically close attention to naturals because I wanted to understand how they could keep breaking all the rules and still going home along with girls.

The second approach is to get rid of all that stuff and work on your inner game. Build up your confidence and obtain rid of the social and sex anxiety that’ s holding a person back. Some ofthe methods I actually studied paid a lot more attention to inner game. Some where nothing but. I discovered some really valuable things right now there.

For instance , I discovered the ‘ What If’ approach. You start by asking yourself lots of what-if questions, like:

  • What if you didn’ t have approach anxiety?
  • What if you weren’ big t intimidated by beautiful women?
  • What if you knew that every girl liked you?
  • What if you knew that getting with you was the best possible choice a lady could make?
  • What if a person knew you were The Man with females?

The concept is to get rid of your concept of your self and stop saying, ‘ Oh, that isn’ t me at all. ’ How would you act if you didn’ t have approach anxiety? Today, act that way. These things opened up an entire new world for me.

Really, when it comes to how to seduce women, the sweet spot can be somewhere in between. You need all the routines and skills, but you also have to possess the right mindset. That’ s precisely why I believe in training guys to do both equally. They both come in handy.