Do you know that neediness manifests in many destructive ways i. e. as feelings of insecurity and jealousy, controlling behaviours, the fear to be alone, the fear of rejection or even abandonment, the fear of intimacy, the worry of commitment, the need to do monitoring or spy on your partner and so on? Do you know that many people harbour such negative thoughts and find themselves trapped in sabotaging patterns that destroy one connection after another? Do you know this simply leaves them feeling anxious, paranoid, frustrated, worthless, defective, hopeless, helpless, unattractive, and alone and yes, much more needy! Finally, do you know it is now possible to systematically delete old emotional baggage stored in the subconscious mind responsible for generating these automatically driven destructive patterns permanently thereby helping one to boost self esteem, self confidence, personal worth, and the ability to make personal respecting healthy relationship choices once and for all?